About CYC



Literature sources mention Cyanuric Chloride for the first time in 1827. Its importance as a valuable and versatile intermediate, however, was recognized only beginning in the 1950’s, when Evonik (former Degussa) started its first pilot plant production in Mainz-Mombach (Germany). It was 1958 when the first commercial production was set up in Wesseling (Germany). Since then we have been continuously supplying our customers with highest reliability.

High product quality standards

Evonik is able to offer a variety of different grades and supply forms. All products are of very high quality standard. Whether solid or liquid, we can meet all your requirements.

All solid grades are fluidized with 0.3 percent of a free flow agent.

For more details, see the Technical Data Sheet or ask for our specification. To make the right choice for grades or packaging, please contact our marketing and technical service department; we can help you find what you are looking for.