About CYC


Technical services and innovation

Production, handling and utilization of sensitive raw materials like hydrocyanic acid, chlorine and cyanogen chlorine as well as Cyanuric Chloride itself need special skills.

Evonik has the expertise and special facilities for safe handling to meet these requirements. We have a dedicated technical center to support our customer.

We would be pleased to support you with:

  • Packaging, storage and transportation of Cyanuric Chloride
  • Discharging and handling of Cyanuric Chloride with regard to working safety and hygiene
  • Personal protection measures
  • Scrubber systems
  • Disposal of Cyanuric Chloride
  • Regulation information and product samples


The unique features of Cyanuric Chloride make it an interesting and versatile, heterocyclic building block for the synthesis of important active intermediates. Evonik has created a forum to discuss innovative ideas involving triazines and is prepared to co-operate with interested partners in turning new developments into commercially viable, safe and successful products.

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