ULTRASIL® VN 2 as a precipitated silica is used as a reinforcing filler in all kind of rubber applications.

Scope of Application

Due to its lower specific surface area ULTRASIL® VN 2 has a slightly lower reinforcing potential compared to ULTRASIL® VN 3. It imparts to rubber compounds high Shore hardness, tensile strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance and offers advantages concerning compound viscosity and processing. To achieve these properties it is necessary to use ULTRASIL® 7000 GR and a bifunctional organosilane, such as Si 69®, Si 75®, Si 266® or Si 363. Additionally the use of diethylene glycol, triethanolamine or other alkaline accelerators might be necessary in order to achieve optimum rubber-technical data. Application fields are: Tires, mechanical rubber goods.