Due to the low specific BET surface area of approximately115 m2/g the highly dispersible ULTRASIL® 5000 GR combines excellent hysteresis performance and high reinforcement with improved processing behavior in passenger car tire tread compounds. This silica is especially suited to high filler loadings for the optimization of wet and winter properties.

Scope of Application

ULTRASIL® 5000 GR is a mechanically compacted granulate. On account of the granulation process it leads to less dust development during mixing. Compared to standard silicas with a specific surface area of approximately 160 m²/g ULTRASIL® 5000 GR provides lower compound viscosities, i.e. an improved processing behavior at equal loading. Furthermore, lower dynamic stiffness at low ambient temperatures and improved rolling resistance are achieved for tire tread compounds. Higher silica loadings will improve wet traction properties and allow to optimize winter properties. Bifunctional organosilanes like Si 69®, Si 75®, Si 266® or Si 363® are required for the use of ULTRASIL® 5000 GR in tire tread compounds. The use of diethylene glycol, triethanolamine or other alkaline accelerators might be necessary in order to achieve optimum in-rubber data. Application fields are: Tires, mechanical rubber goods.