ZEOLEX® 323 Sodium Aluminosilicate is chemically synthesized using state-of-the art manufacturing technology. ZEOLEX® 323 Sodium Aluminosilicate is a titanium dioxide (TiO2) extender and gloss sheen control agent. ZEOLEX® 323 precipitated silicate improves light scattering and increases opacity when used in paints over CPVC where air is present in the paint film. ZEOLEX® 323 Sodium Aluminosilicate reduces the cost of your interior architectural formulations while maintaining the opacity, whiteness, brightness, flattening, and scrub resistance.Only available in the Middle East and China

Scope of Application

High brightness Good scrub resistance Low influence on viscosity Neutral pH Dual function, scatters light and spaces TiO2 Easy dispersion Good inherent opacity Outstanding sheen control