Dynasylan® SIVO 418

Dynasylan® SIVO 418 is a silane system with multiple well balanced and highly effective alkyl functionalities.

Scope of Application

Dynasylan® SIVO 418 silane can be used as a surface modifier to generate hydrophobicity (e.g. on inorganic pigments, mineral fillers). The short-chain alkyl functionality results in unique compound properties when Dynasylan® SIVO 418 treated minerals or pigments are incorporated into polymers, e.g. polyethylene or polypropylene. Loading levels of 0.5 to 1.5 weight-% Dynasylan® SIVO 418 based on the weight of filler or pigment are typically recommended. Dynasylan® SIVO 418 is excellent as a dispersion and hydrophobation agent in mineral filled compounds. Dynasylan® SIVO 418 forms covalent bonds to the inorganic surfaces and will not migrate out of the final compound as it will happen to silicone oils used as surface modifiers. In the presence of moisture, the ethoxy groups of Dynasylan® SIVO 418 hydrolyse to produce ethanol and reactive silanol groups. These silanol groups react with the filler via silicon-oxygen bridges. Dynasylan® SIVO 418 can be used in many other applications such as filler and pigment coatings, dispersions etc. Typical property improvements obtained by using Dynasylan® SIVO 418 in filled polymers are: improved filler dispersion good processability significantly reduced water-uptake