Whiter teeth are one of the most sought after attributes for oral care as consumers associate them with attractiveness and success. Whitening toothpastes often use a combination of mechanical and chemical agents to remove and prevent stains. While phosphates are the standard chemical cleaning agents for stain removal and prevention, it can be challenging to meet safe abrasion levels when combining them with mechanical cleaning agents. Evonik has designed SPHERILEX® 145 to enable high cleaning performance at moderate abrasion levels. The spherical shaped synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide works particularly well in whitening toothpaste formulations containing phosphate chelants, where high abrasion levels are of concern.

Scope of Application

Ideal for use in phosphate containing whitening toothpaste formulations at concentration levels of 15-20% Provides high cleaning (PCR) with moderate abrasion (RDA) Smooth mouthfeel Increased production efficiency through rapid dispersion Up to three times lower wear on equipment (compared to other high cleaning silica)